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  • Steve McWhorter was MMOgo

    Steve McWhorter was on the team for the 2012-13 season, the final one measured by the NCAA to determine next season's ban.We also do not know if McWhorter or Richard impacted the program's APR score negatively in any way.So, at the absolute worst, there are two players on next year's team who could have had any hand whatsoever in Milwaukee's ban. The other 12 players came along after, either as freshmen in MUT Coins 2013-14, freshmen in 2014-15 or transfers.Like

    Connecticut in 2012-13, which was banned from postseason play for the same reason, despite not having a single player on its roster who was on the team for any year measured by the NCAA, Milwaukee's players appear to be taking the fall for the actions of others.Of course, also like UConn, Milwaukee's players will likely have the option to transfer and immediately play at another school that is eligible for the postseason. Seems fair. But the

    NCAA, which claims to be just as much about the "student" in student-athlete, is basically offering as its compromise the opportunity for a player to transfer for athletic purposes. It's disregarding the academic opportunities that may have drawn players to Milwaukee or UConn in the first place. If a player on Milwaukee's roster is entering his senior year at his dream school with the hope of playing in another

    NCAA Tournament, he has a decision to make: leave his dream academic setting or give up on his dream of maybe winning a game in the NCAA Tournament. This being because of a punishment that he probably had nothing to do with.One improvement that Buy NFL Coins would at least help this would be to make the four-year cycle the most recent possible.